My Name is Bob Flagg. I am the owner and primary operator for East National Water, LLC. We operate throughout New England, and specialize in providing support, guidance, testing and regulatory compliance for small water systems.

“ I understand the importance of your small water system remaining in compliance with State rules and regulations. We strive to maintain a status that does not allow for business interruptions, potential fines or liability to the public sector.”
~Bob Flagg

Since the Safe Water Drinking Act of the 1970’s was implemented, the regulation of water systems large and small has grown more controlling under ever expanding Environmental Protection Agency scrutiny and guidelines.

The standards for testing and the maintenance of minimum acceptable standards are extreme. The small systems must be tested, managed, controlled, and monitored vigorously. All systems must meet rigid safety standards for the benefit and safety of the public health, no matter what their size.

Based on the complexities and requirements of the law, as well as the clear need to ensure the public safety, our mission at East National Water, LLC is this:
To serve the small systems operations effectively and to provide the following measures of support at reasonable cost:
• Support you in maintaining required health standards, with preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled testing.
• To monitor variables that could jeopardize public health and bring about a costly system shutdown in order to regain compliance levels.
• To work quickly, efficiently, affordably and effectively with State regulatory agencies to keep you in business.

“ My business philosophies are built on old family business practices; that the customer is always served in a timely manner, with the commitment that whatever the situation might be…I, as the owner, and my staff will represent your best interests and will provide the most cost effective and appropriate solution to resolve your problem. We will do our best to work with the State agencies and keep you open as we remediate when necessary. That’s my promise.” ~Bob Flagg

• My company’s commitment to its customers is a 24/7 dedication; because most problems will never occur during standard working hours. In our business we understand that Monday could be too late.
• My team and I will always do what it takes to limit a customer’s downtime, or interruption of service.
• We are fully trained, certified and continue with regular trainings to keep ahead of the constantly changing rules and regulations the State and Federal Government enact.

I look forward to serving your Small System needs the areas of health and public safety by assisting you with the tasks of regulatory compliance.

It would be my pleasure to visit you, view your system and discuss a program that will better keep you in compliance.

Bob Flagg