East National Water's certified and licensed personnel are involved with a full spectrum of water works activities related to:

Meter and outside reader installation / repair / testing

Treatment plants

Pump stations

Wells, pumps, and motors

Hydrant flushing

Valve exercising

Meter and outside reader installation / repair / testing

Backflow preventer surveys, testing and repairs

New record documentation

Private hydrant inspection, flushing, and testing

Construction inspection

Engineer Consulting

State and Federal reporting

Water quality sampling and analysis.

Contract Operations including:

  1. New main and service construction 
  2. inspection
  3. emergency main break service repairs
  4. shutoffs and collections.

Certified Operators: Our systems operators provide:

  1. Sampling
  2. State Compliance Reporting
  3. Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
  4. system maintenance, and more.

"With East National Water's years of experience and variety of services by licensed professionals to perform them ... there is only one call to make!"

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