Why East National Water

Spend more time on what you do best: your business
While we take care of your water system

Why Us:

• East National Water, LLC works very closely with the Department of Environmental Protection and we understand each other’s needs:
They protect the environment.
We advocate for the small system owner.
Our clients are always treated fairly, with respect.
• East National Water, LLC keeps abreast of all regulatory advances and changes so that we can prepare our clients for important adjustments.
• East National Water, LLC will analyze, test, service and maintain your system to make certain that your system operates to performance standards.
• East National Water, LLC are experts in all areas required for servicing treatment systems.
• East National Water, LLC can handle all aspects of backflow testing, leak detection, chlorination, and hydrant flushing.
• East National Water, LLC can work with all required state forms: Emergency Response Plans, Operations & Maintenance manuals, Annual Statistical Reports, Consumer Confidence Reporting, as well as permits for well fields.
• East National Water, LLC is available 24/7. You will be able to reach us at any time during office hours or through direct cell phone connections. We understand what an emergency call means to your livelihood.

I am your fully licensed small water system operator.
I will take care of your operational and compliance needs.
Call me…..Let’s talk